How does SagePrints compare to designs on Etsy?

On Etsy, there's always a back and forth to get the design customized and often times a 5-7 day wait for proofs. With SagePrints, you can customize the designs yourself and download instantly.

My design printed larger than 5"x7" on my home printer. What gives?

Most likely this is due to printer drivers and Windows/Mac settings. Unfortunately, the settings for printing at 5x7 on Macs can differ between types of printers. For popular brands, like Canon, you can find a Paper Size selector in the printer settings. On Windows, you need to choose the 5x7 layout from the Print Wizard settings. Be sure to check the box for "Fit Picture to Frame".

Where do I apply my Coupon Code?

Once you’ve saved an invite to your cart you’ll find a box to enter and confirm a coupon code. The discounted price will be displayed in your cart.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with your Sage Prints order, contact us within seven days of your purchase and we’ll refund you in full.

Do you support invitation sizes other than 5” x 7”?

At this time we offer only the design sizes shown in our store.

What kind of paper should I use?

We suggest using whatever paper makes you happiest, though heavier paper is usually preferred. In most cases we find our customers like 80lb or heavier paper. If printing at home, always test the paper in your printer before purchasing as some printers have trouble with heavy stock.

What if my home printer is not very good?

No problem! The custom image we provide can be used at any copy shop, professional printer or online company.

What is included with my purchase?

When you purchase your custom printable, you receive a .zip file that contains 2 high resolution JPEGs. The first JPEG is exactly 5"x7" and works well for printing designs that don't extend to the edge of the paper. The second JPEG is exactly 5.25"x7.25" and works perfectly for printing designs that extend to the edge of the paper. This is commonly referred to as a "bleed". Often times printers will request designs with full bleed for best quality.

How will I receive my printable invite?

After you complete your order, there's a "Download" button to instantly download the high resolution printable files to your computer. You’ll also receive an email with your designs attached.

What happens if I made a mistake?

If you’ve realized you made a mistake on your invite, contact us and we’ll help make it right. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How long will it take to receive my invitations?

Your files are ready to download immediately after purchase. Your designs will also arrive via email within minutes of your completed order. Your order will come from info@sageprints.com.

Can I use one of the wedding designs for a bridal shower or something else?

Of course! If you like one of our designs and simply want to use it for something other than a wedding, feel free. You can customize the invite for any event you’d like.

What printing methods can I choose?

We supply you with print-ready files that you can print yourself at home, at any copy shop, with a professional print shop, or any online service. Use the printing method that fits your budget and time constraints!

How do I print out the invitations myself?

First you should find the paper you like and test your inkjet printer to be sure you’re happy with your printer’s quality. Then print your invites just as you would any other image. It’s that easy!

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